Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra

€80 per person

The tour of the Ribeira Sacra is a tour of about 12 hours through the interior of Galicia to the lands bathed by the rivers Sil, Miño and Cabe in which we will enjoy an impressive and unusual landscape.

We will start the morning visiting Santo Estevo de ribas de Miño and the town of a Millara. Then we will go to the bucolic Fervenza de agua caida.

Our next stop will be in the city of monforte de lemos, there we will stop to eat at a typical restaurant in the area and we will approach its castle and the school of our lady of the old.

Our route will end with the visit to several viewpoints of the Sil canyons, the Santiorxo and the cividade.

12 hours
12+ Age
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Santo Estevo de ribas of Miño
The church of Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño It is erected in a wild place with interesting views. It belonged to an ancient male monastery of which little is known. This church is one of the most interesting examples of Galician Romanesque, built in the thirteenth century is probably related to the school of Maestro Mateo, author of the Portico de la Gloria.
A Míllara
A Míllara is a village of medieval origin located on the banks of the river Miño and surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes of the sacred ribeira. The village of A Míllara has been rehabilitated by a group of Galician entrepreneurs at the beginning of the 21st century. That they have bet to give life to something that was abandoned. In this rehabilitation they have sought to maintain the popular architecture of each of the buildings and also of their materials and have managed to revive a town that centuries ago had been full of life.
Fervenza of fallen water
The fervenza (waterfall) of Augacaída or also known as the Fervenza de Marce is an impressive waterfall about forty meters high located in an idyllic place hidden in the thickness of a fantastic forest that form chestnut trees, oak trees (carballos) and other native species . To reach the waterfall, we will follow a spectacular path, where nature and tranquility are breathed through a forest of oak trees and among the remains of terraces of old abandoned vineyards
Monforte de Lemos
We will go to the capital of Ribeira Sacra located in the municipality of Monforte de Lemos, to visit the COLLEGE OUR LADY OF THE ANTIGUA Popularly known as the Escorial of Galicia and the MONUMENTAL SET OF SAN VICENTE DEL PINO, formed by the Torre del Homenaje, the Condal Palace and the Benedictine Monastery. After the visits we will make a stop to eat at a typical restaurant in the area
Viewpoints of the Sil canyons
The viewpoints of Santiorxo and Cividade give us some of the wildest images of the Ribeira Sacra The Mirador da Cividade is one of the most spectacular on the Lugo shore of Sil. Designed by the architect Isabel Aguirre (one of the illustrious neighbors of the Ribeira Sacra), the platform of wood and steel seems to be hanging over the abyss, about 300 meters above the river ... From the viewpoint of Santiorxo it is possible to contemplate the Monastery of Santa Cristina on the other side of the valley, as well as the Sil Canyon as it passes through the town hall of Sober.