About us



We are a Galician travel agency  and active tourism company specialized in guided tours by Galicia
We have designed several routes throughout the Galician geography in order to value not only the most touristic part of Galicia but also those other places that, although being more recondite and unknown, represent the essence of our land.

Our excursions are characterized by a relaxed atmosphere, with routes that allow you to get to know Galicia through places and stories, with a team in love with your land and specialized in leisure and adventure activities.

The toxo (gorse in English, tojo in Spanish, ginestra in Italian, ajonc in French …) is the most typical of the Galician plants populating all its cliffs and trails. So the Toxo will be present in all our routes decorating to the most hidden of corners, and that is why we think that it should also be part of our name.